Specialty Retailer

Specialty Retail Services

Develop the right product for your brand

Looking to create a new product line for your culinary brand, or an extension for your already existing brand? We will help you develop your product from concept to  production with precision. We can produce everything from a cookie mix line that will take your bakery to new heights, to a new brand of BBQ Rub shakers to sell to grilling fanatics. We will work with you to create product that will set you apart‒ product you will be proud to put your logo on.

Our retail specialty shops served:
  • Meat markets
  • Delis
  • Pastry Shops & Bakeries
  • Coffee Houses
  • Gift Shops
  • Cheese & Wine Shops
  • Novelty Stores
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      PET & Glass Jars


      Bottling - PET & Glass Jars

      We offer a wide selection of bottling capabilities for your blends. Including PET and glass options in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

      (Some standard sizes we offer : 8 oz PET, 16 oz PET, 4 oz Square Glass, 8 oz Square Glass)


      Horizontal and Vertical Pouches


      Pouching - Horizontal & Vertical

      We are capable of packaging in vertical and horizontal pouches in a variety of food grade films from clear and white film to foil lined pouches. We are also able to print basic logos and information on the film.


      Tin Packaging



      We offer an array of tin packaging for your product packaging. Including features such as window lids to show contents.


      Custom Canister Packaging



      We are able to produce sealed canisters in a variety of sizes. Canisters can be fully customized from lid color to graphics applied designed specifically for your brand.


      Carton Packaging



      We have the capability to package your product in fully customize-able cartons. Offering a wide selection of carton grade thicknesses, dimensions and custom-printed designs.


      Retail DIY Kits


      Retail DIY Kits

      We offer an array of culinary theme DIY kits that which can be merchandised in your own brands customer packaging.

      (Shown above: Home Sausage Making Kit and Jerky Making Kits )

      Private Labeling Products


      Private Label Products

      We can develop a single product to an entire line of products with your branding and custom packaging. We have a large variety of options and capabilities to make labels in any shape, material or size to fit the product you envision.