Sausage Processing

Part of our heritage

Sausage making is a central part of PS Seasoning's history and heritage dating back to 1977 with the creation of our industrial meat smoker company, Pro Smoker ’N Roaster. Developing sausage flavor profiles is our passion and forte. Listening to customer feedback and providing unparalleled customer service is what sets us apart. We offer award winning seasonings, custom blends, cures and specialty ingredients for the sausage maker and meat processor.

We offer sausage seasoning for variety of styles and applications:

• Sausage seasoning for fresh and smoked products
• Cures for all types of meat products
• Meat additives, including binders, phosphates and flavorings
• Bulk spices and herbs
• Topical rubs and glazes for hams, bacon and more.
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    We offer a large selection of MSG-free products and with an increased demand for gluten-free options we are proud that over 90% of our seasonings and spices are gluten-free.