Success in the restaurant and catering industry relies on your ability to create buzz-worthy dishes that keep customers coming back for more. To do this, you need to bring bold, memorable flavors to each and every dish.

We take great care in making sure our spices and seasonings are fresh, flavorful and consistent. Unlike major wholesale distributors, our dedication to the craft of flavor allows us to focus on delivering the highest-quality products from our hand-picked farmers and crop growers.

We'll keep your menus ahead of the curve with the highest quality:
• Bulk spices, specialty ingredients and herbs, ground and whole
• Peppers ranging in varying heat levels and flavor
• Seasoning and spice blends in high-volume quantities

Custom Blending

Having your own signature blend on-hand saves you prep time and reduces inventory costs. We work with several restaurant groups and caterers to create large quantity blends customized for a variety of applications. 

Whether it’s a secret recipe you’d like available in bulk or a blend to create consistency between your locations, we can tailor any product to your exact needs. 

Custom Blending Capabilities

Private Label for Restaurants

You’ve created a memorable flavor experience for your customer. Let them relive it again at home with your signature product line.
We’ll work with you to reverse engineer the exact texture and flavor as your signature recipe or create an entirely new product with your own label and branding. 
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