Food Manufacturing solutions

At PS Seasoning, flavor is our passion. We’ve spent decades sourcing the finest ingredients that deliver unparalleled freshness and consistency. Our large industrial seasoning drums are crafted with the same care as our artisanal, small-batch products so you never have to sacrifice quality for quantity.

We work with food manufacturers of all sizes to provide dry seasoning blends, spices, flavorings and extracts, sauces, marinades and more. Applications include:  


Here in Wisconsin, cheese is more than food, it’s a way of life. And no one understands your craft better than our dedicated team of cheese-making experts. Whether you're creating a signature garlic and herb spread or looking for a new flavor profile to add to your curds, we’ll ensure your product is a stand-out. From small-batch creations to large production, we offer topical rub seasonings, custom spice blends, smoked seasonings, and ingredients to complement aged cheese wheels.

Snack Foods 

The snack food industry is constantly evolving which is why we are constantly developing award-winning seasoning solutions for all kinds of snack foods. Our flavor library has thousands of blends for chips, french fries, popcorn, pretzels and more; from the tried-and-true classics to exotic fusion flavors that will make any snack end-of-the-bag worthy.  


Old world techniques and flavors. Unique fusion blends. No matter your craft, your pizza needs to stand out in the market. Our Culinary Specialists have studied old-world techniques and flavors straight from Italy to develop traditional artisan recipes as well as modern-day flavor fusions. Whether you're in need of a new sausage topping flavor, a new recipe for sauce or even a topical seasoning blend, we will help you formulate flavors for any piece of the pie. 

Along with our unmatched flavor, you can rely on us to provide safe and consistent products that are tested thoroughly for quality. We go beyond just “good” manufacturing practices to meet and exceed your regulatory requirements.

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