Custom Blending

The best blends start with the best ingredients from the very beginning

We select the finest seeds, herbs and raw materials from trusted farmers and crop growers, many of whom we've worked with for over 30 years. We offer a product library of over 3,000 blends and our experienced product development team is able to formulate custom blends for any application. Our research and development team has over 50 years of combined blending experience and is equipped to exceed our wide range of customer needs. All of our products can be custom packed and labeled for small retailers to large corporate private labels.

Private label your product

Don't want to reinvent the wheel, but looking for a great company to blend one of your current formulas? We're capable of matching any of your blends. Color, flavor, aroma, heat level, we'll match your blend accurately.
Interested in making your blend into a retail-ready product? We offer services in full product / flavor development as well as custom co-packaging capabilities. We can take take your product from concept to production with precision.