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From sweet treats to soft, warm breads and pastries

We carefully craft our baking mixes for ultimate taste experience. Through extensive testing, we create artisan mixes that are simple to prepare but difficult to pass up. Our creations bake up soft and delectable and serve Pastry Chefs to Bread Bakers around the country.

Our baking mixes include desserts such as soft breads and pastries. We also have the ability to incorporate custom blends. In addition, we offer an assortment of baking flours including all purpose, soy, wheat, white and gluten-free.

We offer mixes and ingredients to support your bakery’s special offerings. (or to support your bakery):

• Flours and mixes for various types of baking needs
• Cookies, cupcakes, pastries and pies for your dessert offerings
• Pancakes, waffles, muffin batters and breakfast dishes
• Hush Puppies, cheese curds and other batter mixes for frying
• Gluten-Free mixes for pancakes, cookies and coatings
Looking for something specific? Be sure to contact us with our Contact Form or please call us at 800.328.8313 to speak with our experts about product availability, pricing and additional information.
We offer a large selection of MSG-free products and with an increased demand for gluten-free options we are proud that over 90% of our seasonings and spices are gluten-free.