Top 10 Game Day Seasonings

Top 10 Game Day Seasonings

Be the MVP of the season with our top Fall and Game Day-inspired seasonings for brats, burgers and more. Switch up your usual tailgate offerings with unique and flavorful seasonings that'll have your customers running back for more all season. 

1. No. 281 Tailgater Bratwurst Seasoning

This seasoning blend brings the ultimate tailgating experience straight to your mouth.  Just the right blend of salty and tangy with a hint of onion flavor. This is a must-try for any sausage maker who is also a hardcore tailgater.  Don't be afraid to put your own spin on it: try adding some finely chopped onion to the mix and make your tailgating brat, the very best! Dare we say, it could even be better than a stadium brat!
#02-0715 B Unit for 25 lbs $8.59 retail | Contact us for wholesale pricing

2. No. 680 Bacon Cheeseburger Bratwurst Seasoning

How clever are we? We've taken the flavors of a juicy, smoky bacon cheeseburger and put it in a blend for you to stuff into your very own tender brats. Packed with our special blend of spices, garlic, onion and natural butter flavors. Add some smoked bacon and high-temp cheddar cheese to the mixture to take this brat to the next level.  This one is sure to have fans returning for more!
#02-1469 B Unit for 25 lbs $11.95 retail | Contact us for wholesale pricing

mac and cheese brat

3. No. 353 Mac & Cheese Bratwurst Seasoning

Can you think of anything better than your favorite childhood meal encased in a brat? We sure couldn't, which is why we made our Mac & Cheese Bratwurst seasoning with creamy cheddar cheese, butter, and real noodles (no boiling required). A flavor your whole family will love, add in extra high-temp cheddar cheese or bacon and jalapeno for an extra kick of flavor. 
#02-9725 B Unit for 25 lbs $22.19 retail | Contact us for wholesale pricing

4. No. 687 Sriracha & Onion Bratwurst Seasoning

We transformed the taste of sriracha sauce and packed its full-intense flavor into a brat seasoning that is sure to blow your mind. Take your taste buds on a trip to Thailand with this blend of spicy red pepper, tangy hints of vinegar and garlic, sweet notes of brown sugar and of course, onion.  Sriracha fanatics may want to make a few batches, but keep in mind, this one is not for weak palates.
#02-1523 B Unit for 25 lbs $12.99 retail | Contact us for wholesale pricing

5. No. 678 Sassy Honey BBQ Bratwurst Seasoning

Don't be fooled by "honey" in the title. We call this one sassy for a reason. It may seem sweet, but it packs a slight heat. We've combined the flavors of sweet honey, brown sugar, tones of onion and garlic, natural smoke flavor and our very own blend of spices to give this seasoning a little kick.  Just the right amount of sweet and sassy.
#02-1461 B Unit for 25 lbs $14.08 retail | Contact us for wholesale pricing

6. No. 296 Bacon Ranch Bratwurst Seasoning

We took an old-time favorite and put it into a brat seasoning. This blend contains the perfect balance of creamy ranch and smoky bacon flavors. Take one bite and experience a mild blend of savory spices, smooth buttermilk, and natural hickory smoked flavors.  If you enjoy anything with the combination of bacon and ranch, you need to try this one! 
#02-1557 B Unit for 25 lbs $21.59 retail | Contact us for wholesale pricing

7. No. 604 Beer Bratwurst Seasoning

If you're from Wisconsin, beer is a necessity for tailgating and cooking.  We know how well the tangy carbonation of beer partners with brats and burgers and this burger seasoning is no exception. We've taken that malty beer flavor and made it into a seasoning that is perfect for pressed burger patties or brats. 
#02-1124 B Unit for 25 lbs $11.95 retail | Contact us for wholesale pricing

8. No. 280 Buffalo Wing Bratwurst Seasoning

No tailgate or game day menu is complete without some finger-lickin' Buffalo wings. Get the chicken wing flavor without the messy hands with our hot and tangy Buffalo Wing Bratwurst Seasoning. This flavor-packed seasoning has vinegar powder and cayenne for that tangy zing your fans will rave about. Great with chicken and high-temp bleu cheese
#02-1099 B Unit for 25 lbs $10.95 retail | Contact us for wholesale pricing

9. No. 669 Pumpkin Bratwurst Seasoning

Don't knock it until you try it! We took classic fall spices and mixed them with real pumpkin for an Autumn-inspired brat your customers will love. Perfect for fall tailgating, frying up and tossing with fall veggies, or for those who love pumpkin-spice anything. 
#02-1676 B Unit for 25 lbs $9.95 retail | Contact us for wholesale pricing

10. No. 290 Philly Cheesesteak Bratwurst

You don't need to be an Eagles fan to dig this Philly Cheesesteak Bratwurst (but we won't judge if you are). Get the total Philly experience with real onion, green bell peppers, and mushrooms for a flavor even Rocky Balboa would approve-of. Add high-temp mozzarella or swiss cheese and you've got yourself a best-seller (it's one of ours!). 
#02-1330 B Unit for 25 lbs $9.69 retail | Contact us for wholesale pricing


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