New for 2019: Deer Camp Collection

New for 2019: Deer Camp Collection

To celebrate the annual tradition that is Deer Camp, we’re excited to introduce a brand new line of product inspired by our favorite time of year. Our limited-edition Deer Camp Collection will get your customers excited about hunting season, with products including: 

Big Buck Bloody Mix:
Celebrate a successful hunt (or drown away your sorrows) with our Big Buck Bloody Mix. This full-bodied blend packs a punch of heat and is the perfect treat after a long morning in the stand. Start a new tradition and see who can come up with the best bloody toppings. Our Big Buck mix will have you making memories that last generations.
Item #: 06-1535 | MSRP $9.99 | Case Qty: 12 
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Wild Game Seasoning:
The hunt for the perfect wild game seasoning is over. Throw that backstrap on a grill and season to your heart's content.  Need to spice up those plain burgers your buddy brought to deer camp? We’ve got you - and your meat - covered. This earthy seasoning blend has just the right amount of heat and flavor to elevate wild game without overpowering it.
Item #: 06-1533 | MSRP $7.95 | Case Qty: 12 
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Ten-Point Chili Mix:
Nothing beats coming back from the hunt to a simmering pot of chili. This blue-ribbon worthy mix is packed with an arsenal of flavor to take your venison to the next level. No need to bring 10 jars of seasoning to camp, just pack a bag or two of this mix, add deer, beef and beans and you’re ready to go. 
Item #: 06-1536 | MSRP $8.95 | Case Qty: 12 
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Venison Jerky Kit:
Put that leftover deer to good use with our limited-edition Venison Jerky Kit. This tasty kit features our favorite flavor pairings for venison including Cracked Pepper & Garlic, Honey BBQ and Teriyaki Jerky Kit flavors. Now, just get that deer.
Item #: 06-1537 | MSRP $9.99 | Case Qty: 12 
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Each product is available in case quantities of 12 for a limited time only. Order by Oct. 1 to make sure your shelves are stocked in time for hunting season.



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