Get Ready For The Fall Season!

Stay ahead of the game this Fall with the most flavorful brats, summer sausage and snacks sticks. Get prepared with our top sausage blends for the Fall season. Try these incredible seasoning blends for yourself and reap the benefits that come from amazing tasting sausage.

No. 669 Pumpkin Brat Seasoning

No. 669 Pumpkin Bratwurst SeasoningWe were inspired to create a blend that would reach those who love the tastes of Fall - namely the pumpkin spice lovers everywhere. Before you turn your nose to the idea of a pumpkin flavored brat, we assure you that this unique blend has been well received in the sausage making community. It's so outstanding that it's well worth taking a flavorful leap. 












No. 358 Pineapple Teriyaki Brat Seasoning

No. 358 Pineapple Teriyaki Brat Seasoning This may not be your go-to for a typical Fall flavor, but it's steadily becoming one of our most favored blends. We infused the taste of soy sauce, garlic, onion and spices with the sweet, tangy bite of pineapple for a taste that goes above and beyond. This delightful blend combines wonderfully with pork and chicken. Guaranteed to clear the shelves fast!

No. 274 Maple Sausage Seasoning

No. 274 Maple Sausage Seasoning When you think Fall, you can't help but think of maple. You can find maple flavor infused in just about anything - candies, cookies, syrup, liquor, bacon - need we go on? We kicked up our No. 274 blend with even more maple flavor! Get bold and delightfully sweet maple taste for making delicious breakfast links and patties. Bring the taste of Fall to the table.

No. 405 Blue Ribbon Garlic Summer Sausage Seasoning

N0. 405 Blue Ribbon Garlic Summer Sausage Seasoning This blend is called "Blue Ribbon" for a reason. Our #1 selling garlic summer sausage seasoning combines paprika, garlic and spices for making award winning summer sausage. Make the best tasting sausage using beef and pork or blend in venison from your latest hunt. No matter how you mix it, you'll produce summer sausage that's worth every bite! 

No. 391 Jalapeno Summer Sausage Seasoning

No. 391 Jalapeno Summer Sausage Seasoning This all-in-one blend is easy to use and contains all the ingredients for making summer sausage with the perfect amount of heat. Maybe that's why it's one of our to sellers. Make great use of venison, beef and pork. Kick it up even further with some High-Temp Pepperjack Cheese or make it a little milder with creamy High-Temp Cheddar Cheese.

No. 685 Honey BBQ Snack Stick Seasoning

No. 685 Honey BBQ Snack Stick Seasoning If you're a sausage maker, you know what it means to create products with just the right amount of flavor. Our no. 685 snack stick seasoning combines the mild, smokey taste of BBQ with the subtle sweetness of natural honey. We created this spot-on flavor profile for those who know the value of a great tasting snack stick. Great minds think alike and this blend does not disappoint. 











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