Phosphate Free Marinade Line

Phosphate Free Marinade Line

     PS Seasoning & Spices is now offering the first ever phosphate free marinade line. Our marinades do not contain any MSG, are all natural, gluten free, and phosphate free. We have 19 bold and unique flavors to choose from. Each marinade is intended for 20 lbs. of meat. Contact us for more information or samples at or at 1.800.328.8313.


 Below are the flavors of marinades that we currently offer, each one of them offering a short description of their flavor profile.

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Apricot Brandy

The sweet yet tart flavor of apricot is paired with brandy in a complex melody of flavors

Apricot Brandy

Bourbon Molasses

Deep dark molasses and brown sugar flavor with a sweet bourbon finish

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Balsamic Caramelized Onion

Buttery caramelized onions enhanced with the deep flavors of sweetly acidic balsamic vinegar

balsamic caramelized onion

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Cilantro Lime

Cilantro's distinct flavor is heightened with a bright burst of lime and subtle jalapeno heat 
cilantro lime

Citrus Champagne

Bright citrus flavors are paired with bubbly crisp champagne

citrus champagne

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Roasted Garlic & Ginger

Robust and sweet roasted garlic paired with fruity notes of ginger

garlic and ginger 

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Garlic Herb Parmesan

Sweet garlic combined with Italian herbs and finished off with nutty Parmesan cheese

garlic herb parmesan

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Honey Barbeque

Smoky barbeque sauce with real honey

honey barbeque

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Mango Habanero

Sweet ripe mango paired with a heavy kick of habanero pepper

mango habanero

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Rotisserie Honey Ale 

A fresh twist on classic rotisserie spices, paired with a full-bodied ale and hint of honey

honey ale


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Sassy Southwest

Bold flavors of cumin, onion and jalapeno meet creamy buttermilksassy southwest

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Black Garlic & Shiitake Mushroom

Earthy mushrooms with complex sweet and savory black garlic 

black garlic shiitake mushroom

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Smoky Chipotle

The smokiness of sweet chipotle is enhanced with garlic and other spices

smoky chipotle

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Tangy-sweet red chiles with a kick of garlic and finished with with a bright rich heat


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Sun-Dried Tomato

Sweet-tart tomato flavor complimented by Italian herbs

sun dried tomato

Sweet Red Chili

Sweet meets mild heat with a nice garlic finish
sweet red chili

Sweet Sesame

Fragrant, nutty sesame is balanced with a touch of sweetness and a hint of soy sauce
sweet sesame

Thai Coconut

Nutty sweet coconut is enhanced with a blast of lime and accompaniment of Thai spices
thai coconut

Whiskey Peppered

Smooth and warming bourbon flavor is accented with a peppery bite
whiskey peppered

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