PS Seasoning Al Capone Roast with Good Fella - Italian Herb

Beyond the Blend: No. 306 Good Fella Italian Herb

La Famiglia.

Sunday dinners will never be the same. Our No. 306 Good Fella Italian Herb isn't your ordinary dried herb seasoning. This balanced blend of garlic, rosemary, sea salt, thyme, basil and more is the perfect way to elevate your favorite comfort foods. 

Not your average Italian herb, this grinder is filled with whole pieces of fresh dried herbs that become more robust as they're cracked. Change between coarse or fine grains by pushing or pulling the cap (We like coarse grain for roasts and finishings, fine grain for steaks and meatballs). Try it on all proteins, veggies, egg dishes and more. A few of our favorite uses are: 

  • Pork Roasts
  • Lamb
  • Breads
  • Pizza & Pasta
  • Meatballs


Flavor Profile 

Salty and herby, No. 306 has a base of coarse sea salt and garlic with sugar to round it out. Herbs include: 

Rosemary: This aromatic shrub has a slightly minty, sage-like, peppery, balsamic taste that compliments a variety of roasted meats and veggies. Traditionally used in Mediterranean cuisine.

Thyme: In the ancient world, thyme was a symbol of courage and bravery and was often used to fend off nightmares. Today, thyme holds its greatest place of honor in the kitchen as one of the most popular herbs.

Basil: Sweet and fragrant, dried basil is a staple in Italian cuisine and is more pungent than fresh basil leaves. 

Oregano:  In Greek, oregano means “joy of the mountain." Even though it's a staple in your spice rack now, it wasn’t widely used in the U.S. until GIs returned from Italy during World War II. Adds mildly earthy flavors to this herb blend. 

Parsley:  Mildly flavored and versatile, parsley adds herby freshness and color to this blend. 



No. 306's sweet and savory flavors make it a great seasoning for any kind of meat, fish or seafood. Grind coarse flakes of sea salt and herbs on a pork or lamb roast or switch to fine grind on shrimp or steaks. 

Al Capone Roast

Butterflied pork loin stuffed with Italian sausage, cheeses, sun dried tomatoes and coated in an herby crust of Good Fella 

good fella meatball subs

Italian Meatball Subs

Ciao down on these hearty and delicious Italian Meatball Subs. These start with tender homemade meatballs made our Good Fella Italian Herb Blend which are simmered in marinara, topped with provolone cheese and broiled until melty and crispy. 

Sicilian-Style Steaks

In true Italian style, simplicity rules. These Sicilian-style New York Strips are marinated in garlic, olive oil and Italian herbs, then grilled and drizzled in a fresh herb sauce, or salmoriglio if you're feeling fancy.

Grapefruit & Fennel Salad

The best of winter produce comes together for a refreshing, Italian-inspired side. Tart grapefruit and licorice-y, aromatic fennel are tossed with fresh herbs and a Good Fella Italian Herb vinaigrette. 

Caprese Flatbreads

Not quite a pizza, not quite a bread, these flatbreads have the best of both worlds. These soft, pillowy crusts are made without yeast and thus no rise time. Whip up the dough and sear them up in the skillet then bake them with your favorite toppings until melty and delicious. 

Roasted Cauliflower with Pancetta & Olives

When your cauliflower needs a little flavor boost, toss in some bacon, parmesan and salty olives and you're good to go. We also drizzled the caramelized florets in a lemon and chili sauce for an extra kick.  

The No. 306 Good Fella Italian Herb is available for individual purchase or in wholesale quantities (Available in cases of 12, MSRP $7.99). For more information on wholesale orders, contact us at