Try Our 6 Must-Have Bacon Rubs!

Try Our 6 Must-Have Bacon Rubs!

Although bacon is great on it’s own, it’s even better when concentrated with a unique combination of flavors. Our bacon rubs are specifically crafted to enhance the characteristics of bacon’s natural flavor with sweet, savory, smoky and spicy properties. We know the time and the effort it takes to produce quality bacon, which is why we’ve gone to the trouble of crafting blends that will bring out the best in your product. Simply rub a generous amount of these flavor-filled seasoning blends on pork bellies before placing them in the smokehouse to achieve a one-of-a-kind flavor.
Apple Cinnamon Bacon Rub - PS Seasoning & Spices

02-1712  Apple Cinnamon

Add sweet, fragrant flavors to bacon with this delightful rub. This blend combines the sweet and aromatic blend of sugar, cinnamon, spices and hints of apple flavor.

Buttery Prime Ri Rub - PS Seasoning & Spices

02-1713  Buttery Prime Rib

This exceptional blend elevates the smoky, rich flavor of bacon with hints of Worcestershire, onion, garlic and various spices. It transforms the taste of bacon with the heightened essence of beef.

Chipotle Lime Bacon Rub - PS Seasoning & Spices

02-1499F  Chipotle Lime

Create a zesty twist on bacon with spicy chipotle and chili peppers, the zing of tart lime, aromatic herbs and natural smoke flavor. Uplift the taste of bacon with the essence of southwestern flavor.

Honey BBQ Chipotle Bacon Rub - PS Seasoning & Spices

02-1714  Honey BBQ Chipotle

Create bold, zesty and sweet BBQ bacon with this incredible blend. We’ve balanced the combination of sweet honey, spicy chipotle peppers, spices and a hint of smokiness for a tempting smoky BBQ flavor.

Mango Habanero Bacon Rub - PS Seasoning & Spices

02-1715  Mango Habanero

Infuse bacon with the bright flavors of sweet mangoes that we've paired with fiery habanero peppers. Entice the senses with a rub that combines the perfect amount of sweet heat.

Maple Jalapeno Bacon Rub - PS Seasoning & Spices

02-1710  Maple Jalapeno

This rub merges zesty jalapeno that has been sweetened with the mild, sugary taste of maple. Intensify the taste of bacon with this distinctive balance of sweet and spicy flavors.



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