Our Top 5 Ham Seasoning & Glazes This Season

Our Top 5 Ham Seasoning & Glazes This Season

With the warm embrace of spring weather and holidays such as Easter not far away, mass productions of smoked ham is about to go into full swing. If your looking to try something a little different than your standard ham flavor this year, we've got 5 blends for you that are a must try. Here's our list:

Chicago Ham Spice

1. Chicago Ham Spice


A no-nonsense traditional spiced ham inspired flavor. Our Chicago ham spice blend boasts a pairing of cinnamon, red peppers and other spices. A delightfully mild flavor profile that is sure to please any type of taste. Works best when dissolved into brine and injected into the hams.

Malaboza Ham Spice

2. Malaboza Ham Spice


The signature Malaboza Ham Spice is a distinctive blend of Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg and other spices, producing a pleasantly balanced, well-rounded flavor for your hams. Spice flavor that's prominent, but not too intense. Works best when dissolved into brine and injected into the hams.


California Ham Spice

3. California Ham Spice


This seasoning is described just like the sunny state it's named after. The California ham spice blend is bright and vibrant, boasting aromatic and flavorful cinnamon, allspice along with strong notes of clove. Works best when dissolved into brine and injected into the hams.


Honey Ham Glaze

4. Honey Ham Glaze


Honey ham made the best way. Coat the outside of your smoked hams with this blend to add a pleasant sweetness of honey combined with a flavorful blend of spices.


Brown Sugar Ham Glaze

5. Brown Sugar Ham Glaze


Try this tasty blend coated on your smoked ham and you will surely not be disappointed. The deeply sweet flavors of brown sugar paired with our special blend of spices will add the perfect complementary flavor to your smoked hams.



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