8 Irresistible seasoning flavors for chicken sausage

8 Irresistible seasoning flavors for chicken sausage

Chicken sausage is a growing trend that your seeing more and more in the meat cases at your local butcher shop, deli and grocery store and looks like it's here to stay. It's a leaner source of protein, lower in fat than pork or beef and provides opportunity for adventurous new product flavors. We've spent some time in the test kitchen and developed a handful of flavors that add great, complimentary flavor to this poultry delight. If your looking to make some chicken sausage of your own, here is our list of seasonings we offer for adding bold flavor to this new spin on bratwurst.


1. Tomato Basil

(Item #02-1638) - Tomato basil is is commonly paired with chicken in many dishes in Italian cuisine. The vibrant tomatoes combined with aromatic basil leaf and spices produces a mild, yet flavorful sausage that's likable by just about any taste. Optional Add-In: Also mix in some High-Temp Mozzarella with this seasoning for added flavor.


2. Cherry Cayenne

(Item #02-1640) - Combine the sweet fruitiness of cherries and brown sugar with the pleasantly piquant heat of cayenne peppers and lively spices. and you've got one truly unique fusion flavor. If you are one with adventurous taste buds who love to explore new flavors, this is a must try.


3. Sweet Onion Teriyaki

(Item #02-1636) - An appetizing flavor for lovers of stir-fry, hibachi and Asian cuisine. A slightly sweet and tangy blend of Japanese-inspired flavors that works perfectly with the chicken-based bratwurst.


4. Philly Cheese Steak

(Item #02-1642) - Flavors reminiscent of the famed sandwich from the city of brotherly love. Our seasoning is a blend of green peppers, onion, mushroom, garlic and spices. Tip: Adding High Temp Mozzarella to this brat is a must to create a truly authentic version of this timeless dish.


5. Sweet Italian 

(Item #02-1644) - So much more than the average Italian sausage. Consisting of flavors commonly used in a variety of Italian dishes, this blend of savory and aromatic herbs and spices boast a pleasant sweetness making a well-balanced flavor profile. Optional: Add High Temp Mozzarella to add a new dynamic to this already delicious sausage.


6. Fiesta Cheddar

(Item #02-1646) - A vibrant spice blend of southwestern-style flavors makes this zesty brat a hit. Just the right amount of heat, onions, red and green bell peppers with rich cheddar cheese comes together to create an enjoyable flavor. Tip: Adding High Temp Cheddar Cheese to this sausage will add even more enticing flavor.


7. Buffalo Wing

(Item# 02-1099) Since Buffalo Wings are already made from chicken wings, a spicy Buffalo Wing brat naturally tastes delightful with ground chicken. This zippy blend of spices has a delightfully flavorful kick. Optional Add In: Try mixing in High Temp Bleu Cheese with the meat grind.

8. Asian Pepper & Caramelized Pear

(Item #02-1657) We really thought outside of the box in the kitchen to whip up this flavor. This seasoning blend consists subtly spicy Szechuan peppers and distinctively sweet caramelized pear. Its aromatic, sweet, spicy, fruity and an all around, one of a kind flavor.




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