Hottest Brat Flavors For The Grill

Hottest Brat Flavors For The Grill

Once again it’s the time of year that calls you outdoors. It’s time to get the grill fired up and loaded with all your grilling favorites. One thing’s for sure, there’s nothing like the alluring sound of flavorful brats as they crackle and hiss over open flames while the smoky char-grill aroma fills the air. We can appreciate the delicious bite of a classic brat, but this year, why not step outside the box? We offer several unique and trendy flavor combinations that are sure to stand out from the norm. No matter what the occasion, from picnics to tailgating, we’re ready for it all and we’ve got some awesome bratwurst flavors to please all brat makers and brat eaters alike.

No. 358 Pineapple Teriyaki NEW!

We took our Teriyaki blend above and beyond with this sensational flavor. We combined infused the taste of soy sauce, garlic, onion and spices with the sweet, tangy bite of pineapple. This blend works well as a pork-based brat, but you can also try it with chicken.

No. 359 Mango Habanero NEW!

We packed one of our best flavor fusions into a brat seasoning. If you enjoy the harmony of sweet and heat, you're going to love this blend of sweet tropical mangoes paired with the intensity of habanero peppers. This combinations produces a flavor transition that starts with a touch of sweet and ends with a spicy kick.

No. 297 Ballpark NEW!

A brat inspired by America’s favorite pastime. A blend of tomato, mustard, onion and dill. With all these toppings already in the seasoning, all you’ll need is a bun. Make brats using pork, beef, chicken or wild game. The perfect brat for the ball park!

No. 298 Asian Pepper & Pear NEW!

We REALLY thought outside of the box (or test kitchen) with this flavor. This seasoning blend combines subtle spicy Szechuan pepper with the distinctively sweet caramelized pear. Its aromatic, sweet, spicy, fruity and an all around, one of a kind flavor. If you want a brat flavor that's in a class of it's own, this is the one! Try it with pork, beef, chicken or wild game.

No. 279 Fiesta Brat

Our Fiesta Bratwurst Seasoning is a South of the Border favorite. A combination of spices, chili, red and green bell peppers makes a zesty mouthwatering brat. Blend with pork, beef or chicken and try adding in some of our High Temp Cheddar or High-Temp Pepperjack Cheese for even more flavorful brats.

No. 280 Buffalo Wing

We developed a Buffalo Wing Brat Seasoning by combining vinegar powder, cayenne and other spices for making your very own fiery buffalo wing brats right at home. We recommend mixing this blend with pork or chicken and adding in some High-Temp Bleu Cheese. Need a recipe idea, try making these Buffalo Bleu Cheese Chicken Bratwurst!

No. 296 Bacon Ranch

Our classic Bacon Ranch Brat Seasoning is a beloved combination of creamy ranch with the taste of hickory smoked bacon. Make tasty bacon ranch brats or sausage with pork, chicken, beef or other ground meat. A great brat flavor any occasion.

No. 363 Cherry Cayenne

Combine the sweet fruitiness of cherries and brown sugar with the pleasantly piquant heat of cayenne peppers and lively spices. and you've got one truly unique fusion flavor. If you are one with adventurous taste buds who love to explore new flavors, this is a must try. Make with pork, beef, chicken or wild game.

No. 365 Philly Cheese Steak

Flavors reminiscent of the famed sandwich from the city of brotherly love. This blend contains a pleasant pepper flavor in addition to green bell peppers, onion, mushroom, garlic and spices. Try making brats with pork, beef, chicken or wild game and mix in some High-Temp Mozzarella for even more flavor! Try our easy recipe for making Philly Cheese Steak Bratwurst.

No. 604 Beer Brat

Our Beer Bratwurst Seasoning makes a beer lovers brat with malted beer flavor in every bite. We use natural beer flavor to create this timeless pub favorite. It's best blended with beef and pork, but you can try other meats as well. Add in your favorite dark ale for over-the-top flavor.

No. 680 Bacon Cheeseburger

The taste of smokey bacon and creamy cheese all rolled into our Bacon Cheeseburger Bratwurst Seasoning. Great bacon cheeseburger flavor made for a brat bun! We recommend blending with pork or beef. Add smoky bacon and Hi-Temp Cheddar Cheese to take this brat to the next level! Try our Bacon Cheeseburger Brat recipe.

No. 687 Sriracha & Onion

Spicy sriracha and sharp onion flavor highlight our Sriracha & Onion Bratwurst Seasoning. Red-hot  and savory spices that deliver an intense tasting brat. Mix this seasoning with ground beef, pork or chicken for a flavorful experience.


No. 932 German Brat

Inspired by the brats origin, we put the flavors of Old World Germany into our own German brat seasoning. Make juicy brats with this classic blend of spices. Blend with veal, pork or beef.