Concept To Production With Precision.

Product Development

From concept to production with precision

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Custom to your specifications and your brand

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Specialty Retail

Develop the right product for your brand

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Custom Blending

Color, flavor, aroma, we'll match your blend accurately and consistently

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Services & Capabilities

Custom Blending

The best blends start with the best ingredients from the very beginning

Product Development

From concept to full prouction


Custom to your own specifications, as well as your brand

Quality Control

Quality, consistency, and accuracy in every batch, big or small

  • It Starts With A Tasty Idea

    Whether starting from scratch or from a tried-and-true recipe, our product development team will work with you to develop the best plan for your product concept using only the finest ingredients and spices.

  • Research & Development

    Our team of food scientists, technologists and chefs will work with you to develop signature blends and flavors that will take you from "has been" to standing out from the crowd.

  • Blending & Production

    Our experienced team will skillfully craft your recipe in state-of-the-art blenders in our temperature and humidity controlled blending rooms, ensuring consistent results, regardless of batch size.

  • Product Packaging

    Your delicious blends are packaged carefully in our facility following strict standards. Machine or handpicked, our attention to detail guarantees the product is made to exact specifications. We take pride in every package we put our mark on and provide continued support even after your product leaves our facility.

Product Focus
  • The best blends start with the best ingredients

    We select only the finest ingredients from trusted farmers, many of who we've worked with for over 30 years. We offer a complete product library of over 3,000 blends. 

  • We'll match your blend

    We're capable of matching any of your blends including color, flavor, aroma, heat level, we'll match your blend accurately. 

  • Private label your product

    We offer services in full product / flavor development as well as custom co-packaging capabilities for small retailers to large corporate private labels. We can take your product from concept to production with precision.

  • Quality, Consistency & Accuracy

    Fully temperature and humidity controlled as well as segregated savory and non-savory packagaing areas, our facilities allow us to maintain consistent blends to ensure quality of our products.


Having been in the food industry for 45 years plus I have been in contact with many food service and spice companies over the years. One thing is for sure is there is a lot of competition out there and as a consumer that’s great because it raises the bar on quality products. There are some very good quality companies out there and in my opinion PS SEASONING & SPICES is one of the best! Their product is always fresh which means you don’t need as much to get the flavor needed. They are also very helpful in customizing  blends for our company. Thanks PS SEASONING for your partnership in making some of the best products out there.

"The PS Seasoning & Spices samples came today; First thing I did was rip into Baby's Got Back - AND - Phenomenal!!!!!!! I love the smaller grind and the flavor is great - Wife and daughter approved. VIP.....I'm going to bbq a flank steak tonight and put it to the test. I can already tell it's a winner. No. 1 - also awesome right out of the bag. It looks right and the flavor is spot on. Winner, winner - Chicken Dinner! To be sure, I'll cook with both over the weekend - but, we're on our way. Like I said - I've always been a little disappointed in Baby's Got Back - but what you folks have delivered to me just looks and tastes better."

"As a small business owner I look for savings every day. Your company allows me to purchase a single bag of seasonal blends for meat blocks of 25#. This allows me to not have to carry these blends to the next year and risk compromised product quality, and it reduces shipping cost and inventory versus having to buy in a bulk quantity. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you and let you know that I appreciate the flexibility in purchasing options that you offer."